Home Warranty Coverage

Karvin warranties all of our homes with the following coverage.
Summary: we’re reasonable people – if something is out of place that obviously shouldn’t be, we’ll fix it.

We put extra effort in to avoid home defects from the start. You can find a list of common deficiencies that we cover here.

Our Home Warranty Provider

Travelers Insurance Company of Canada

A warranty with Travelers means your house is protected with a money bond that stays active for 10 years. You can trust Karvin to uphold our warranty, but with the added insurance of Travelers on your side, you’re completely protected.

A few notes about Travelers:

Home warranty is insurance, and companies providing insurance have to be approved by the Financial Institutions Commission.

Travelers Insurance Company has these approvals and provides two essential services:

The definition of a defect is outlined in the Residential Construction Performance Guide.

Proper New Home Maintenance is outlined in the New Home Maintenance Manual.