Deficiencies List

Deficiencies are defects in your house that are covered by your home warranty. While the general deficiency list is long, there are some common deficiencies that are the worst offenders.

With this in mind, we do our best to catch deficiencies early and work hard to solve the issue quickly. To avoid any problems in the first place, we thought of an elegant solution – just build good houses that last and avoid deficiencies altogether.

We adhere to the HBO’s policy on customer service: “The best way to handle a disappointed customer is to make sure they don’t become one in the first place”.

The Home Builder’s Association lists the following as the most common complaints from homeowners:

Complaint Percentage of overall complaints
Walls/Drywall 13%
Bathrooms 8%
Exterior Doors 8%
Basements 6%
Windows 6%
Linoleum 5%
Interior Doors 5%
Cupboards 5%
Carpet 4%
Squeaky Floors 4%
Interior Paint 3%
Condensation 3%
Heating 3%
Garage Floor 3%
Foundations 3%
Promontory Street
Upper Prairie Front
House Front